How Can Furniture Removers Make Your Move Easier?


Moving house can be a very stressful time. You have perhaps already had to organise the sale of your current home and the purchase of another, or perhaps your rental agreement came to an end and you have had to find another property to lease.

Either way, the associated tasks that come with any kind of move can be vast and complicated. Forms to fill in, documents to gather, paperwork to sign: the to-do list can be endless, not to mention the fact that you will eventually have to pack up all your possessions ready for moving day - just another task that can seem daunting and that you have probably been putting off.

One way you can make life easier and a little less stressful is by hiring a furniture removals company to help in the packing up and moving of your items. Let the professionals take care of this job for you so you can focus on ensuring all the administrative jobs are completed ready for moving day.

In this article, we look at the advantages of hiring a removals firm to help with your belongings, and how this can take some of the pressure off the process of moving house.

moving furniture


Some removals companies offer a complete house pack-up, move and unload, whereas others are on hand to help with big items such as heavy furniture. Whichever type of company you decide to go for, bringing in the professionals means hiring a wealth of experience at organising and packing up your items. They can perhaps categorise them by type or by room, and helpfully label boxed items to identify their contents, all of which will make it far easier when you come to unpack at your new residence.

Many of us can feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of possessions we own; and coming face to face with them all again in a situation of needing to box them up in a hurry can feel daunting and upsetting. Packing extensive household belongings in a secure, compact and efficient way for moving can feel like an almost impossible task. But by using a reputable removals company, you can take some of the burden off your own shoulders.

You most probably will want to pack up at least some of your personal items and items of special significance yourself. If this is the case, you can still rely on a removals business to help pack up your larger items of furniture and any other bulky goods, such as appliances that you may be taking with you. They can also move heavy finished packing boxes for you even if you opt to tackle the initial packing stages yourself to ensure that nothing gets damaged or lost.

Even if you opt to do not only the packing but the actual moving of boxes, hiring help with the larger, heavier items may still be the most sensible option. You have to think of the practicalities of moving the larger items. Would it be physically possible and safe for you?

Break up the task of packing into more manageable, bite-sized jobs that can be carried out in the lead up to the move, and don’t be afraid to hire help with larger items. This way, you can relax more, knowing that you do not have to worry about how you might be able to manage physically moving or packing the largest and heaviest items.


Care of delicate and breakable items

Some of the items you own, not only larger and heavier items but also ones that are particularly delicate or fragile, may require special care when it comes to packing.

Bulky goods will need strength and precision in order to transfer them safely from your existing home to the vehicle that will transport them to their destination and finally to your new home. Specific removals firms will know exactly how to do this and how to carry out this process safely, picking up and carrying weight in the correct way, to avoid accidents. Attempting to carry large items with little experience runs the risk of doing damage or incurring injury.

All fragile items, including ordinary kitchen glasses and crockery, need careful wrapping to prevent damage from knocks and bumps in transit. The most valuable and delicate fragile items, such as china or glass ornaments, vases and sculptures, will need a delicate hand and knowledge of how exactly to package them and secure them during transportation to ensure that they remain safe and in one piece for the duration of the journey. If you have items of such value, it is especially unlikely that you would want to risk them getting broken or damaged by having them thrown in loose with other items, inadequately protected by packaging, or roughly handled. They are likely to be pieces in which you have invested a great deal of time, money and affection, so it is sensible to hire reputable professionals in order to ensure that they are moved securely and safely.

Artwork, vinyl records, cassette tapes and even compact discs in jewel cases can all be damaged, crushed or broken by improper packing. Record players typically have delicate, fragile bearings and styli, which need properly securing and protecting from all impacts. Electronic equipment such as computer hard drives, headphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, compact disc players, professional sound modules, and anything with an integrated printed circuit board inside, can also be vulnerable to knocks and bumps and should be packaged with a view to insulating them against these.


Time-saving and efficient

When it comes to moving, there never seems to be enough time: not enough time in the lead up, not enough time on moving day, and not enough time to unpack. This is especially likely to be the case if you are in work or have young dependents. In most cases, things feel rushed and successive stages of the move feel cobbled together with very much a sense of ‘it just has to get done’ surrounding the situation.

It doesn’t always have to be that way, however. Imagine a smooth and stress-free lead up to your move, moving day going exactly to plan, and as many of your belongings unpacked for you as you require. This can be the case if you hire a full-service professional moving company. Liaise with the company in advance, plan and agree exactly which items they will be responsible for, get a quotation or two, and then book in a date and save your time to focus on other aspects of the move, the ones you can more comfortably manage by yourself.

When you hire professional furniture removers, you can save time not only ahead of your move, but also on the day itself. Any removals firm worth its salt should be well practised in executing home moves with the greatest efficiency. They will have planned everything down to the last detail, ensured that they have the correct team for the job, and given you an estimated time of arrival at the source property, as well as an approximate time and date for the delivery of your items to their destination address.



As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, moving house can be a very stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be. Weigh up the pros and cons of getting in experts to help with your move. If you are on a tight budget and used to doing things yourself, professional removals may at first seem like a costly and partly unnecessary expense; but think about the impact in terms of reduced stress levels throughout the process and the reassurance that all your items will be moved safely and securely and arrive in the condition in which they were packed.

General removals companies are the best bet for handling complete household moves, but If you need special assistance with certain items such as valuable pieces of furniture, Mission Impossible Couriers are on hand to help. With just a few details, we can offer you a free no-obligation quotation. Feel welcome to contact us by telephone or through our online contact form here.